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✏️ K E E P A J O U R N A L ✏️ .
I’ve been filling up notebooks since I was a kid. I would draw, I would write, cut stuff out of magazines just to put together a collage or illustrate or decorate the pages.
I had moments where I’d write more, moments where I’d draw more and moments where I would not touch my notebooks for months.
Sometimes i would write about my problems, my life, my thoughts in general as some kind of Pensieve (any Potter fans here?), just to have a place to deposit them and come back to check in case i would need them. Sometimes I would draw my days (if you’ve been following me for long, you might know I have this project called “mis días en papel”) just to make me realize that not all of them were the same.
I have countless amounts of journals, notebooks, sketchbooks. I still have a “dear diary” that I’ve started in 2007 and update every year with the changes in my life. I have a notebook for random ideas. One sketchbook for nice drawings, another for not so nice drawings and plenty of loose papers with quotes, thoughts or grocery’s lists.
I write offline and online. Had my first blog when I was 12 (#internetkid) and keep an online “dear diary” so called “Notebook of thoughts” (so creative, i know) since 2009, where you can definitely go through all my teenage drama til now. When I wanna be more serious and professional, I just write articles on Medium . And recently I’ve started writing #newsletters for you.
What did I want to say with this?! Ah yes, keep a journal. Do it online, offline or write on napkins, who cares. Document your life, tell yourself your stories. Do it with purpose, do it with no purpose. Do it because it’s fun.
To live a creative life you don’t need much more than opening your eyes and see your reality in a whole new way.
And if you can register all that, then you can go back to it and remember how you felt, what you saw, who you were when everything was happening.
So keep a journal.
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