do it slowly

D O I T S L O W L Y .
Have you enjoyed anything today? Whether it’s early morning, midday or night wherever you are, have you paused and asked yourself what have you enjoyed today?
A few days ago, I made a poll on my stories about journaling, and asked people why didn’t they journal. 100% of the participants said “I would love journaling, but I don’t have time”
I know, I’ve been there the past few months and it doesn’t seem easy: you are simply busy. How many things have you left behind because you said you were busy? How many times have you told that to others? And how many times have you told that to yourself?
I once wrote that being busy it’s a decision. Every day you get the same amount of hours and you choose how to use them. Most of us are normally rushing through the day, spending most of it on things that are for work, for college, for someone else… when are you going to pause and take time to do something entirely for the sake of it?
Don’t skip that lunch, allow yourself to breathe, to step out of the office and enjoy the sun, the trees, the city. Tell yourself you will go to that café and just sit there. Read that book you have on your night table, make yourself time to journal, even if that means waking up earlier or going to bed a little bit later.
What I lately find in journaling is the joy of being able to enjoy the little things that I might skip during the day, while being too busy being busy. .
Give yourself permission to go through your day more mindfully, more present, more conscious of everything that happens around you. And allow yourself to document it all.
Do it, and do it slowly.
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On the “August Newsletter” I talk about breaks, recreation and taking some time off to rest. It’s literally so good not only for your body but also for your mind and creativity. If you haven’t read it yet check your email and if you’re not subscribed, the link is in my bio. (podés recibirla en español también :)💌

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