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What if I told you that we are all entitled to create magic whenever necessary?
Keri Smith wrote a story about a friend who, each time that she’d read a story to her children, would bring along some “Magic Fairy Dust” (or how grown ups call it -sparkles from a craft supply shop-) to throw in the air before the story would start.
How (literally) magical is that?! And how easy it actually is to get Magic Fairy Dust these days!
I find that this is the kind of eye opening story we need to tell ourselves more often. Imagine start your day throwing sparks in the air to make it more magical?
Maybe that’s not the literal thing we could do (or is it?) but yet the whole idea behind the story comes to this point: you create your own magic.
Meditating in the morning? Make yourself a cup of tea and sit outside? Write a book? Knit a sweater? Dancing in underwear to your favorite song?
Keeping a journal? Having an amulet that inspires you ? Taking a tarot card off the deck every day? .
You can create your magic by simply saying that something, the smallest thing in your everyday life, is so.
Part of your life as a creative human is to do that: to create your own magical moments, magical objects, magical thoughts.
Try to find something that you love owning or doing and put before the world “Magic”, attributing the thing their magical powers.
-a Magical pencil -a Magical tea
-a Magical morning
Do it, and then see how all of a sudden (and for some kind of magic) it becomes reality.
– – – .
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