the ordinary

💫T H E O R D I N A R Y💫
This is a sketch from back in Denmark. Found a few things that called my attention and translated them into paper.
I like documenting the small things in life. Have you ever read the quote “the ordinary is extraordinary”? Even though it is cliché, it’s accurate.
We are in a constant search for the extraordinary. Hoping for an adventure to come knock at our door. Working and dreaming towards the next vacation, the next moment that will rescue us from our everyday life.
Truth be told, those moments come not-so-often and the nature of that thought keep us away from what we should be doing: embracing the ordinary.
I tell that to you and me at the same time! I wanna be present and I want to feel each little thing that comes into my day as an adventure. Listen to a new song, meeting someone new, feeling happy because it’s sunny and I can wear my favorite dress…
Do you feel like you find the ordinary extraordinary too? What’s the ordinary thing you enjoy the most?
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