💌You’ve got mail💌
Use your hands, write a secret, send more letters. Let yourself be immersed into the words, the intimacy. Let the stories flow through pen and into the paper.
During my digital detox in August, I gave myself the chance to start writing letters, to carefully choose a postcard for the person, to make up a ritual with coffee and fresh flowers in order to inspire me to write. To decorate the envelope, to go to the post office, to embrace the waiting time for a response.
The way thoughts come when no distractions are allowed is magical; that moment of clarity can only be felt in front of a piece of paper.
💌On the other hand, I write monthly online letters about life & creativity that you can get by subscribing on the link in bio. Completely free, completely intimate. .

📍Cologne, Germany


Published by Wan

Creative Human Being

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